No one likes living in reaction mode, feeling that another problem is looming just around the corner. But it seems there's always something wrong with your vehicles, and never enough time to find the best solutions.

You wish someone would come in and actually listen instead of reciting their scripted sales pitch. We get it. Our experts want to understand and address your unique problems. After listening, they'll move quickly to develop customized solutions and help you regain control of your fleet.

We want to put your mind at ease so you can focus on growing your business. That's why we're committed to becoming a trusted adviser along the journey with expert advice and support.


Between the time you buy your vehicles and the time you sell them, you'll spend a lot of money on your fleet. We'll help you discover and understand some hidden costs, while revealing potential savings. From our fuel programs that lower risk, to understanding depreciation and when to sell your vehicles, our experts know the industry inside and out and are excited to help you gain control of your fleet.  How Mike Albert can help


You're not in the fleet business, but your fleet keeps your business running. We'll help you find the best vehicles for what you're doing and how you want to grow. Having more options and greater flexibility will ensure you'll never have to worry about your aging fleet again. Mike Albert fleet acquisition


Are you purchasing your vehicles? We'll help you unlock the cash trapped in your fleet with more effective financing options. With a growing business, there are better uses for your cash than purchasing your fleet outright. Our advisors will create financial strategies to maximize your cash flow and savings. Mike Albert fleet branding

Upfit / Branding

Once you’ve found your new vehicles, you'll need to make them function efficiently for your business. Mike Albert can quickly personalize them so they're ready for immediate use the day they're delivered. From custom upfitting packages (ladder racks, internal shelves, bins, workbenches, etc.) to show-stopping vehicle wraps, we'll make your vehicles work for you. fleet personalization from Mike Albert


Fleet management requires an extensive list of multi-disciplinary skills. Chances are you're great at a few, but could use some help with the others. That's why we're here! We'll help you with everything from title & licensing renewals, to reactive support when your vehicles break down, and even help with mechanical questions and business complications. No matter where your business takes you, we're always just a quick phone call away.    fleet outsourcing help

Total Fleet Management

Managing a fleet is complex, time-consuming work. Many of our clients used to handle fleet themselves until they realized how much it was costing them - not only in the labor hours devoted to fleet administration tasks, but also in the negative impact on the morale of employees being tasked with these responsibilities that aren’t part of their primary job. When you trust your fleet management to Mike Albert Fleet Solutions, we’ll manage the day to day details of your fleet, freeing up your team’s time to focus on your core business. As a trusted industry leader, we also provide ongoing support and a proactive partnership to help you stay on top of all product, legal, and financial changes happening in this fast-paced marketplace. mike albert fleet services


  • Accident Management
  • Department Of Transportation Compliance
  • Driver Training
  • Fuel Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • MVRs
  • Risk & Safety
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Telematics
  • Title & Licensing
  • Toll Management
  • Transport Services
  • Vehicle Remarketing
fleet industry insights


Your fleet produces an overwhelming amount of data that holds valuable insights. Don't waste time fumbling with the newest technology or sorting through endless pages of analytics. The experts at Mike Albert will dig into the numbers and translate your data into actionable insights. We'll find the wasted money burning through your profits, and provide recommendations to help your business grow. Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save

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