Mike Albert Fleet Solutions knows the needs of your industry

In the construction industry, you need a fleet that’s flexible and reliable enough to handle whatever comes up on any job site. So much of your day is spent managing the unexpected, it’s nice to have a trusted partner in Mike Albert. When you lean on us for construction fleet management, you can control costs, mitigate your risks and lock down regular schedules that keep the wheels turning.

Fuel Budgeting

Fuel can make up two-thirds of your operating costs. With a heavy portion of expenses going towards gassing up your construction fleet, a system that simplifies the management of fuel is crucial. We offer a mileage credit program that only charges you for the miles you used and gives you credit back for the miles you didn’t. Plus our gas card eliminates the need for expense reports while helping you crack down on slippage.

Maintenance whenever, wherever

Take the pressure off your drivers, and keep your construction fleet on the road. The Mike Albert Overdrive mobile app, will alert drivers when routine services are required. Plus it will provide a directory of pre-approved service vendors to make it easy for them to schedule. We make it easy to keep your vehicles tip top.

Payment Planning

Reduce out-of-pocket expense and preserve your personal lines of credit with financing options designed for service businesses. As a private lesser Mike Albert has the flexibility to extend leasing and finance options that allow you to put your money where it needs to be for the good of your fleet.

Recommended Vehicles for Construction

A well planned upfit increases productivity, safety, and helps manage inventory.