MikeAnomics – n. Mike•A•nom•icsdef: A consultative approach to dynamic fleet management

Increase productivity and profitability with Mike Albert Fleet Solutions

We strategize to evaluate your business goals and challenge you with questions such as:

  • Are you spending more time managing your fleet than focusing on your core business?
  • Do your fleet vehicles appropriately represent your company brand and image?
  • Is your fleet operating at peak profitability and productivity?
  • Could your fleet benefit from improved territory management?

Strategic analysis and solutions from Mike Albert Fleet Solutions

We then customize every fleet with strategic tools by developing a plan to fit how you do business.  We will look into all areas of your business including:

  • Product Design
  • Financial Planning and Analysis
  • Information Technology
  • Operations and Administration
  • Risk Management

Continuous strategic assessment from Mike Albert Fleet Solutions

Finally, we will optimize your fleet productivity and savings by providing ongoing assessments that:

  • Meet your evolving fleet needs
  • Serve your customers better
  • Increase your employee productivity