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Preventive maintenance for fleet: the good, the bad and the “ugh”

January 8, 2019

The pros of preventive maintenance Following a preventive maintenance schedule according to OEM recommendations is the best way to optimize your vehicles’ safety, reliability, fuel efficiency and life. Plus, it can significantly reduce driver and vehicle downtime by helping to prevent dangerous, costly ...

6 things to avoid when managing a fleet of of vehicles

September 25, 2017

Inventory management, fuel efficiency, maintenance costs, retaining talent, vehicle acquisition, vehicle life-cycle strategy… No matter the size of the fleet, the challenges of fleet management are the same. The good news is that there’s a solution to these challenges that can be found by right-sizing ...

Fleet Maintenance Companies: Top 4 Fleet Maintenance Trends

July 15, 2014

Keeping up with the latest trends is a must for fleet maintenance companies that want to stay ahead of the competition. These four trends have recently emerged and are set to continue shaping the way that fleet maintenance companies in the industry do business. 1: Eco-Friendly Oil and Lube Many fleet ...

Vehicle Fleet Management Principles that Drive your Business to Success

June 14, 2014

Drive your business to success with some proven vehicle fleet management principles that really pay off. There are a few tried and true techniques to use for saving money and creating profitability for your fleet. Here are a few areas where vehicle fleet management has proven to be a cost cutter: Maintenance ...

Fleet Management Services and the Personal Touch

June 14, 2014

Fleet management services may seem like a data driven, impersonal part of business life but, in fact, the personal touch can really help drive decisions and cost savings. With big ticket items like vehicle purchases and maintenance on the line, partnerships are crucial to driving cost savings. Here are ...

Fleet maintenance companies can streamline vehicle maintenance

May 15, 2014

Does the thought of outsourcing your vehicle maintenance to one of the many fleet maintenance companies out there make you anxious? Fleet maintenance companies can deliver several key advantages to their customers, advantages that should reduce both the administration time and the cost of running your ...

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