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Get More Gas Out of Your Fleet With a Managed Fuel Program

November 28, 2018

There comes a time in every fleet manager’s life when they simply run out of gas. Managing a fleet can be like herding cats as it is, and dealing with fuel management issues can be like having that one stray that just will not stay put. Halting your well-oiled machine to wrangle in missing expense ...

6 things to avoid when managing a fleet of of vehicles

September 25, 2017

Inventory management, fuel efficiency, maintenance costs, retaining talent, vehicle acquisition, vehicle life-cycle strategy… No matter the size of the fleet, the challenges of fleet management are the same. The good news is that there’s a solution to these challenges that can be found by right-sizing ...

Capital Strategy, part 1: Does Your Capital Strategy Have Holes?

March 8, 2017

Do you wish you had more capital to invest and grow your business? Sure you can take out a bank loan, or borrow against your business, but that will quickly leave your line of credit tied up. Then what? Have you looked for areas in your business where you may be leaving money on the table? Finances ...

How Just a Few Vehicles Can Have a Big Business Impact

February 23, 2017

Did you know that 70% of your vehicle maintenance costs are probably coming from just 20% of your fleet? As the maintenance provider to over 15,000 vehicles, Mike Albert Fleet Solutions analyzes maintenance data from fleets of all sizes. On average, we find that the majority of a fleet’s maintenance ...

Landscapers & Fleet Management Companies: Preventing Vehicle Break-downs

December 2, 2014

Lifecycle Strategy Ever been stuck with an unexpected broken down truck or van, losing money every minute it is out of service? So have the landscapers I’ve spoken with. They all agree that having reliable, dependable transportation for their crews is of the upmost importance to their business. If ...

Lowering Fleet Costs in the Eye of the Storm: Part 4

November 13, 2014

Smart Decisions Save Money The positive relationship between a fleet management company and its clients can be successful in more ways than one. Like in the case of Virginia Farm Bureau, they  have been able to quantify the rela­tionship’s total impact. The fleet management solutions put in place ...

Lowering Fleet Costs in the Eye of the Storm: Part 3

October 31, 2014

Working with People, Not Just a Fleet Company To help partners accomplish their fleet and business objectives, a fleet management company must first build a foundation of trust. That trust is earned by developing a true partnership. Virginia Farm Bureau conducts business in much the same way. “Mike ...

Lowering Fleet Costs in the Eye of the Storm: Part 2

October 20, 2014

Better, Smarter Decisions Reducing total fleet costs begins with information – and a lot of it. Yet, it’s more than just gathering information. It’s understanding it and then taking action. It begins with a thorough review and analysis before applying what was learned to the development of a comprehensive ...

Top Components of a Fleet Management Program

July 15, 2014

Enterprise-level companies and government entities are under constant pressure to reduce costs and increase efficiency. For businesses that rely heavily on transportation as an ancillary component to their core processes, outsourcing fleet management services can provide substantial cost reductions and ...

Vehicle Fleet Management Principles that Drive your Business to Success

June 14, 2014

Drive your business to success with some proven vehicle fleet management principles that really pay off. There are a few tried and true techniques to use for saving money and creating profitability for your fleet. Here are a few areas where vehicle fleet management has proven to be a cost cutter: Maintenance ...

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