Mike Albert Fleet Solutions knows the needs of your industry

The services you provide are mission critical and continual improvements are integral to keeping a your team operating. At Mike Albert, we can help you swap out the old with the new so you can mitigate risks — creating plans that can maximize efficiency, all while upgrading your current fleet. Plus we can help you reduce your carbon emissions so everyone benefits — you, your infrastructure, and the community you serve.

Axe the upfront costs

No more large upfront costs with Mike Albert. With our exceptional planning services, we can ensure a long-term financing program that can spread payments out over the lifecycle of your vehicles. By partnering with us, you will be able to reallocate the money saved to other initiatives to continually improve your community.

Revamp without regressing

Have no fear, Mike Albert is here to help your fleet stay in service. We can create a plan to maximize OEM partnerships and change your fleet out in phases so you never skip a beat. Reduce downtime with the ability to switch over a larger percentage of your fleet at once. Budgetarily, you can Increase your lifecycle optimization while decreasing your costs. Everyone wins.

Reduce, reduce, reduce

Reduce your carbon footprint by partnering with Mike Albert. We have the in-house expertise to help you transition from your aging fleet to a new energy efficient one. By transitioning to an energy efficient fleet, your city can reduce fuel costs, reduce energy costs, and reduce maintenance for vehicles.

Recommended Vehicles for Municipalities

A well planned upfit increases productivity, safety, and helps manage inventory.