Fleet Maintenance Company


The word “Solutions” in Mike Albert Fleet Solutions describes how we help you achieve your fleet and business goals through our enterprise fleet maintenance services and financial programs. We offer a consultative strategy tailored to your unique business needs and not a one-size-fits-all approach. At Mike Albert, we ask questions to learn about your business and understand your goals.

As a leader among fleet maintenance companies, Mike Albert offers you proven techniques to:

  • Save money on repair and administrative costs
  • Increase productivity by minimizing repair time
  • Improve budgeting and planning with cost control and in-depth reporting

In order to be effective, our enterprise fleet maintenance solution helps at every stage of your fleet's lifecycle.

Our professional team will be your best asset from from acquisition until the time to remarket. Your Mike Albert Client Partnership Manager (CPM) will help you with a plan designed to offer solutions for both your business and fleet goals. Each CPM has years of experience in optimizing fleet maintenance to support business objectives and will provide you with an in-depth analysis, including:

  • Preventive maintenance history on each vehicle
  • Evaluation of repair/remarket options
  • Work order systems audit
  • Parts inventory management
  • Body repair options
  • Quality assurance/continuous improvement options

Unlike other fleet maintenance companies, Mike Albert Fleet Solutions offers an intimate and personal approach. We learn what’s important to your business and make sure to support your goals with professional solutions.

Mike Albert has the ASE Blue Seal

Not all fleet maintenance companies are alike; and not all fleet maintenance companies are recognized by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence as a Blue Seal of Excellence Business. Mike Albert has this coveted seal of approval because we hold ourselves to a higher professional standard. This awars is given only to businesses that maintain a consistently high level of certified technicians.

Maintenance Management Techniques

As a leader among fleet maintenance companies, Mike Albert offers simple and efficient solutions to manage maintenance for an entire fleet:

  • Nationwide network of repair facilities
  • Preventive maintenance schedules to streamline standard upkeep and repairs
  • Support from our team of ASE-certified technicians to monitor and control repair costs
  • Post-Warranty Recovery assistance
  • Comprehensive reporting and analysis
  • Analysis of cycling strategy

There are advantages to outsourcing to one of the country’s best enterprise fleet maintenance companies. Fleet management and maintenance are not your core functions–they’re ours. The benefits of outsourcing to Mike Albert, one of the country’s leading fleet management companies, include:

  • Higher quality repairs
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduction in operating costs

Higher quality repairs

If you’re not outsourcing to a fleet maintenance company, your own maintenance crews have to take up the slack. And in-house crews are constantly under pressure to keep costs low. Unfortunately, unlike professional fleet maintenance companies, individual businesses may cut internal maintenance budgets without ensuring they can maintain quality in equipment and processes.

Mike Albert already has ongoing cost-cutting protocols in place that include keeping repair quality high. We also focus on continuous improvement, hiring and training certified personnel to provide the highest quality repairs and optimize your fleet’s reliability throughout the life cycle of all your vehicles.

Increased productivity

Mike Albert Fleet Solutions works hard to create savings for you. We follow industry best practices to keep your vehicles operating with minimal downtime. As a result, your personnel won’t be spending time on the phone with parts suppliers and manufacturers. Partnering with Mike Albert will save time and frustration for your employees.

As you reduce the internal time spent on maintaining your fleet, you’re better able to focus on your primary business goals. Since your vehicles will experience less down time, your organization will enjoy increased fleet availability and improved reliability. Both of these factors will make more time available to employees and increase your overall business productivity.

Reduction in operating costs

Mike Albert gives your business the advantage of high volume purchasing and parts procurement discounts not available to individual businesses. Since inventory-carrying costs are eliminated, your overhead is reduced and cash flow is increased.

Peace of mind

When you choose Mike Albert as your enterprise fleet maintenance partner, we immediately give you the expert personnel, repair equipment and the training services you need to make your business grow. That, in turn, leads to better service and more satisfaction for your employees and the peace of mind that comes with working with one of the nation’s leading enterprise fleet maintenance companies.

Imagine what improved scheduling flexibility, better availability of parts, faster repairs, and improved reliability will mean to both your drivers and those whom they serve.