As you navigate the new normal

we’re committed to keeping you informed

A lot changed in 2020, and the shifts will be long-lasting. From driver support to sales to DMV operations — it’s our promise to keep you informed to help manage your fleet during these times. Use this as your go-to insider knowledge resource.


Driver & Operations Support

Our support teams are always on call for your needs. We’ve created a full-scale business continuity plan and remain committed to providing you the excellent service you expect — no exceptions.

Fleet survival tips for your business

When you work with Mike Albert, we promise to ensure your business survives and thrives under our partnership – especially in difficult times. Review our tried and true tips on how to emerge with a stronger fleet and walk together with us as we navigate to the other side of economic turmoil.

Vehicle Aquisition


Back in production isn’t an instant back to normal.

A new outlook.

OEMs have had to rethink operations that have been in place since the Ford Model T. While things are moving more than before, such a massive shift requires wiggle room for everyone involved. If you plan on purchasing fleet vehicles in the future, we recommend thinking about it now — not after it’s too late. Our client partnership managers can help.

Think ahead.

If the buying or selling process took four months earlier this year, today it could take 12 to 18 months. Whenever possible, try to stay two steps ahead of what you think you might need and get on it sooner rather than later.

Consult experts.

You can’t play guessing games at times like these. You need experienced, professional advice. At Mike Albert, we are constantly watching market trends, more so now than ever. We’re your one stop shop for vehicle needs, even during crisis.

Adapt to change.

With OEM staffing cuts, options are more limited. That means if you want a certain type of bed, wheel, or internal features all in one vehicle, there’s a chance these customizable vehicles will experience delays.


If auto manufacturers are slowed, what will that mean for my business? What about the orders that I have in process?

As auto manufacturers open up, it may still take a while to get back to 100% capacity. This impacts the fleet business, as factory ordering is often the cheapest way to get a new car. Slowing down the means of production results in delivery and supply chain delays after a vehicle is produced. Some manufacturers may even defer orders to the next model year.

If your order is in the system: It should move up in the production line due to canceled orders.

If your order is canceled and reordered: It will go to the end of the production line and be substantially delayed.

Are there other options for me besides traditional ordering?

Our team is ready and waiting with pre-owned inventory. Our limited supply of new fleet vehicles is available for immediate delivery and may help fill needs in certain situations. We’re still working with open dealerships to locate vehicles. Remember that a located vehicle may be more expensive than a factory order, as dealers often add extra options that aren’t desirable for fleet customers.

Auctions & Remarketing

Auto Auction's New Normal

All auctions have established their “new normal,” which is digital simulcast auctions with many sales allowing dealers to at least preview inventory a few days before the sale in person. Some auctions have also started to let dealers attend the sales in person, albeit with restrictions and limits on the number of people in the lanes at one time and vehicles generally are not physically running through the lanes. However, dealers seem to have adjusted to buying digitally, and today’s sale prices and higher sales volumes are definitely reflecting that.

Silver lining for used car business

Now is the time to sell. That is, if you have the assets to spare AND replacement vehicles ALREADY on order.


DMV Operations Updates


Our team has been closely monitoring the DMV in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. At Mike Albert, our goal is to handle transactions quickly. Please know that that’s still our goal, even today. Our title & license team is diligently making sure that transactions are in process and completed in time.

Upfit Operations Updates

Upfitters are operating at their "new normal" status. They rely on parts from 3rd party manufacturers sometimes overseas which is causing delays in delivery times. As we receive individual impacted vehicle updates, the estimated times of arrival will be updated accordingly.

Maintenance Operations Status

At Mike Albert, our maintenance team is standing by to support your drivers and field service calls as usual.

Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance is still operational. However, tow drivers may not offer cabin rides to maintain required CDC guidelines.


We are continually monitoring service center operations. Use the link below for service franchise status.