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With health and safety as our top priority, Mike Albert is also committed to partnering with clients to keep the North America marketplace up and running. In the interest of staying connected with our partners and clients, real-time updates on business operations can be accessed below.


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Driver & Operations Support

Mike Albert is operating an industry leading business continuity plan and still providing great service to our valued clients. Our support teams are standing by to assist you.


Our goal has always been to help your business survive and thrive, and the challenge circumstances presented by COVID-19 don't change that. We are committed to helping businesses navigate to the other side of the current economic turmoil with their fleet ready to roll when they need it. Follow this link to find our list of tried and true tips to help your business emerge from these trying times better than ever.

Client Support: 800-886-5828
Roadside Assistance: 800-886-2086

Vehicle Aquisition

Back in production doesn’t mean back to normal.

May 14, 2020 update Most OEMs have resumed operations with their new saftey procedures. As we learn more about this new way, we will updated this page to keep your informed. We are still advising our client to reach out to their CPM to begin ordering as soon as possible.

Please click on the link below for the current status by manufacturer.

April 23, 2020 update OEM’s are getting closer to resuming operations. In order to protect their employees, manufacturers will be implementing all new safety procedures that will affect their assembly lines. While they will continue production, the solutions necessary to keep their workers safe will ultimately affect the volume of vehicles produced. How will this affect your fleet's future? Contact your Client Partnership Manager as soon as possible to start your fleet assessment.

What does auto manufactures shutting down production mean to my business and any orders I have in process?

Auto manufactures around the world have shut down production as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This will have an impact on the fleet business and our valued clients, as factory ordering is often the least expensive means to acquire your new vehicles. We are working closely with our auto manufacturing partners to access as much information as possible on a daily basis about production, order status, and delivery estimates. Obviously, if production is shut down, there will be delays in the delivery of the new vehicles on order. In addition, there may be delays in the supply chain after a vehicle is produced. Once this crisis is behind us, we expect production to resume, but just as it was with shutting down, there could be some delays with production starting up again and some manufactures may elect to defer orders to the next model year, depending on the time they are down. Orders that stay in the system should move up in the production line due to canceled orders. Orders that are canceled and reordered will go to the end of the production line and will result in a substantial delay.

All major Manufacturers have plants currently shuttered to lessen the spread of the virus. Once these factories do come back online, they will start slowly, and it may take a considerable amount of time to get back to 100% capacity. These limitations are from supplier issues and the normal quality control processes in place.

How will government restrictions affect dealer operations and deliveries?

The large majority of dealerships remain open to some capacity, as their services are often considered “essential.” In some states or even cities, this is just the service and parts departments, whereas in others, it is sales also. Traditionally, the sales departments handle vehicle deliveries to our client’s drivers. We will have to address these on a case by case basis and will be largely driven by dealer’s compliance with the applicable laws and restrictions. We are working with the OEM to understand their processes for vehicle deliveries in the event of a significant number of closures.

Are there any alternatives to the traditional ordering process?

Our own pre-owned inventory is an available resource at this time. Our team is standing by to help expedite fulfillment. In addition, Mike Albert does have access to a limited supply of new fleet vehicles through a pool for immediate delivery that may help fill needs in certain situations. We also continue to work with dealerships that are open to locate available vehicles. It should be noted, a located vehicle may be more expensive than a factory order, as dealers often equip these vehicles with options not necessarily desirable for fleet customers and there may not be as favorable of pricing.

DMV Operations Updates

As the situation surrounding COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and subsequent state reopenings evolves, our team is closely monitoring the DMV in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

Update 05/27/2020

Reopenings of DMVs across the country is underway. Prepare for delays.

As states reopen and DMVs follow suite, they are being indundated with backlogs of past due titles, registrations, renewals, etc. States continue to give extensions, however we suggest acting now if you have not already done so. Our team is submitting necessary paperwork as soon as they receive notifications of reopenings.

Update 04/13/2020

Get ready for DMV action items ASAP

Now, more than ever, it will be imperative that any required documentation be provided to us as quickly as possible in order to get in line and ensure completion in a timely manner. We will prioritize past due items based on the length of extensions that are offered by the states. Once DMV’s begin to open and come back on-line, we expect lengthy backlogs as they get caught up on past due title, registrations, etc.

Many DMVs have implemented full closures or shifted to mail-in services only, and many others have drastically reduced staffing levels in order to protect their employees and their local communities. Many municipalities, counties or states have already extended registration expiration dates for 30 – 90 days and we suspect that this trend will continue. Resultantly, we expect that response time from the respective state DMV’s will be delayed and status updates will be minimal.

At Mike Albert, it is always our goal to ensure that all transactions are handled as expeditiously as possible. Please rest assured that this effort continues even in these rapidly changing days. Our Title & License team remains diligent in ensuring that all transactions currently in process, and those due in the coming weeks, are completed within all appropriate timelines.

Upfit Operations Updates

Many vehicles today have upfitting ranging anywhere from vehicle wraps, ladder racks, bin packages, to service bodies etc. Upfitters rely on parts from 3rd party manufacturers sometimes overseas which is causing longer OTD times and changing ETAs for the industry. As we receive individual impacted vehicle updates, ETAs will be updated accordingly.

Auctions & Remarketing

How is Mike Albert monitoring auction activity and closures?

Mike Albert is directly tied into the major auction companies nationwide and is receiving notifications of changes and closures as they happen. Manheim has implemented an auction tracker that is very helpful for keeping tabs on their individual sales, as they are the largest of the auction chains in the United States. In terms of understanding and utilizing key market information, we live and breathe the used car market every day. Both on the wholesale and retail sides of the business that are necessary to fully understand the resale marketplace and where and when is optimum to sell.

Why is monitoring this information and the market important?

As vehicles are returned from our clients or are anticipated being returned for resale, it is important to know which auctions will be able to pickup vehicles, prepare them for sale, and ultimately sell them. The COVID-19 pandemic has created several closures of auctions around the country and more are expected. Initially, many auctions went to digital only sales and closed their in-lane presence. However, as restrictions increased, some auctions are closing all together. Even if an auction remains open, some are not offering pickup services or other reconditioning services that are vital for optimum sales results.

We are doing our best to continue remarketing efforts where possible, as we recognize the importance of the off lease sale function on corporate revenue. However, clients should be aware that there may be delays in getting vehicles picked up and sold. There may also be benefit in delaying the sale of their vehicles until markets return to normal, as prices are expected to decline in the short term as many dealerships are closed or will be closing, so the buyer base available to purchase off lease vehicles is shrinking. We expect as things improve and restrictions are eased, the market will return to normal and may even see some benefits of pent up demand by consumers and dealers needing and wanting to buy cars that they have delayed purchasing during this restricted time period. Further, the fact that new car production in many cases has been stopped, may bode well for used car demand in the longer term after this crisis passes.

Maintenance Operations Status

Mike Albert Maintenance Team are standing by to support your drivers and field service calls as usual.


Roadside assistance is still operational. However, tow drivers may not offer cabin rides to maintain required CDC guidelines.


We are continually monitoring service center operations. Use the link below for service franchise status.