Mike Albert Fleet Solutions knows the needs of your industry

The delivery world continues to grow and and so does the level of competition. Differentiate yourself with Mike Albert. We’ll help you keep track of your vehicles, manage your fuel costs and ensure that nothing keeps a driver off the road. Variety may be the spice of life, but in the delivery world, it’s reliability that gets it there.

Getting lean

Let’s look at your data and then make smart, informed decisions. Mike Albert will challenge you to uncover is truly being spent on maintenance and present you with options to bring it way down. From scheduled maintenance to the reconstruction of the vehicles in your fleet — our goal is for you to gain control of fleet and reduce operational expenses.

Control fuel costs

Consistency and clarity in expenses will make your life easier. And a one-step process for filling up at the pump will help relieve your drivers of unnecessary paperwork. With Mike Albert, drivers swipe their vehicle’s fuel card, enter their personal identification numbers and then current mileage. You get one invoice, and can cut a single check.

On site expert

Mike Albert will ride along with your drivers. This access gives them a comprehensive understanding of how each of your vehicles are used to meet service and delivery requirements. Our Truck Team understands that your trips need to be quick and easy. They can pinpoint how your current vehicles might be making a given task more difficult and time-consuming.

Recommended Vehicles for Delivery

A well planned upfit increases productivity, safety, and helps manage inventory.