Mike Albert Learning From Top Cincy Agencies About Different Approaches to Culture

Jeff Hart, President of Mike Albert Fleet Solutions recently took his Executive Team on a field trip to visit three Cincinnati-based innovative companies to discuss and understand how different approaches to culture can be a source of energy and growth. In addition to new investments in IT and technology, Jeff made some significant changes related to culture by moving to casual every day, flattening the organization to improve communications and speed of decision making, and referring to all employees as “associates” every day, but this appears to be just the beginning.

Visits with DotLoop, Hyperquake and Gaslight all reinforced the idea that when the culture is right and teams are motivated and energized to come to work, anything is possible. The Mike Albert Executive Team will be incorporating some of the learning into its 2019 Strategic Plan.

Some of the more exciting or interesting learnings from the fieldtrip include:

  • Client “Personas” on walls as a way to keep the client always visible
  • A focus on continually delivering value and minimizing work in process
  • Importance of employees feeling a part of something more than just a job
  • The facility including paint, walls, furniture, etc. can mean a lot about the culture you’re trying to create
  • “Company nights” – informal, low key events to celebrate and enjoy each other

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