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*CINCINNATI, Ohio, June 4, 2020 – *

Today, Mike Albert Fleet Solutions announced the launch of AlbertIQ, a new, best-in-class, proprietary analytics platform that monitors the mechanical health of fleet vehicles as well as when, where and how long they are used and how safely they are driven.

“AlbertIQ uses the latest serverless technologies to merge telematics data with the expertise of our Mike Albert ASE-certified maintenance team to provide fleet administrators with a prioritized list of mechanical issues and open recalls that need attention. It also tracks and reports when vehicles are used outside of company guidelines and are driven unsafely,” says Jeff Hart, president at Mike Albert.

“With AlbertIQ, fleet administrators are empowered to resolve potential problems in their earliest stages to increase safety, prevent costly repairs, minimize driver downtime, ensure compliance, maximize vehicle life, maintain vehicle resale value, prevent missed customer appointments, and protect their company’s brand image.”

Vehicle Health Monitoring

AlbertIQ collects and crunches diagnostic data from fleet vehicle telematics, scores the top items in order of importance, creates real-time vehicle health reports, and generates tickets. Open recall data is collected and ticketed as well. After all the tickets are reviewed and consolidated, notifications are sent to the fleet administrators and drivers.

Vehicle Behavior Monitoring

AlbertIQ acquires data on vehicle usage including when a trip is outside business hours and days, the number of daily authorized stops and trips is exceeded, and the daily authorized distance and total trip time is exceeded.

Driver Behavior Monitoring

AlbertIQ compiles data on how each vehicle is driven, tracking events like speeding, seat belt nonengagement and harsh acceleration, braking and cornering.

Ciara Romero from Bancsource, one of the AlbertIQ pilot site clients, had this to say about it: “AlbertIQ has been a wonderful tool to have for Bancsource. With the help of the Mike Albert team we have been able to identify and quickly repair necessary recalls and engine faults to keep our drivers safe on the roads. Access to the live data has been simple and easily accessible on all levels of management and our drivers. Previously, Bancsource depended on the recall notifications from the manufactures and engine faults through less timely sources. We are definitely excited to continue using AlbertIQ along with our services through Mike Albert.”

Another pleased pilot site client, Mark Buechel from Tech Electronics, Inc. said, “Our traditional telematics solution provided an overwhelming amount of data around potential issues within our fleet. With AlbertIQ I can log into one portal and quickly see a prioritized list of issues my drivers and I need to address. This has been an amazing time saver and truly allowed us to gain better control over the health of our fleet.”

Learn more about AlbertIQ here.

About Mike Albert

Mike Albert is a future-focused mobility company, 62+ years in the making, that’s home to three business units – Fleet Solutions, Sales & Service and Rental. Mike Albert is proudly rooted in Cincinnati, but serves clients nationwide. Whether clients need the ways and means to transport people, products or services, Mike Albert associates pride themselves on matching them with the right vehicles, financing and services to help them achieve their goals today and tomorrow.

Mike Albert Fleet Solutions, a top 10 national fleet management company, offers end-to-end services including vehicle acquisition and remarketing, leasing and financing, maintenance management, fuel management, telematics data and vehicle equipment and branding. The company serves fleets of any size, in any industry from pest control to grounds management to food and beverage to municipalities.

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