It Can Be a Sunday Drive With the Right Fleet Management

Fleet is a complex and time-consuming business reality. Juggling the numerous fleet details along with your other responsibilities can be enough to drive anyone crazy.

A strategic focus and the right fleet management partner can mean the difference between fleet being a productive and profitable or just another line item costing your business time and money. Given the choice, which option would benefit your business the most? Would you be better served by concentrating on core business functions while your fleet is being optimally managed by an experienced and proven partner?

Bring Fleet Expertise Along for the Ride

Resources, personnel and time – all three are major factors when a business considers the fleet component of its business. Many organizations believe they do not have enough of those three to make fleet a top business priority. As a result, fleet management is often supplemented within an existing position or becomes the responsibility of one person. Either way, it’s a daunting task that could be more cost-effective, efficient and profitable with help from a fleet partner.

Outsourcing some or all of your fleet services allows you to direct internal expertise where it belongs – on your business – while utilizing the external expertise of an experienced fleet partner. How else would your organization be able to leverage valuable and proven fleet capabilities and knowledge regarding:

  • Driver resources
  • Maintenance management
  • Vehicle application understanding
  • Fuel efficiency strategies

A fleet management partner can assist you with the administration of day-to-day fleet activities. These could range from order placement to vehicle delivery. Working alongside you, a fleet partner is able to help with driver assistance and inquiries. In some cases, a driver assistance program can be implemented complete with a toll-free number to use for driver communications, including questions about policies, procedures, vehicle-order status and title and registration. Collaboration on a driver assistance program or even having it managed for you can save you and your organization valuable time and resources.

Another advantage of working with a fleet partner is a comprehensive maintenance management program, which also allows for online tracking of all vehicle maintenance. It can save you from the time and responsibility of individually following up with drivers who are not compliant with manufacturers’ recommended service guidelines.

A fleet management partner also brings an understanding of vehicle applications – knowing the right vehicle for the right job? Choosing the proper vehicle for a specific job function can have a significant impact on your bottom line. Also influencing the bottom line are fuel costs and the time it takes to provide reimbursements. A relationship with a fleet management partner can also mean the benefit of a fuel card program. A helpful feature of this program is an online distribution report, which would decrease your workload and provide you with valuable data that can be used to develop fuel efficient strategies.

Access to a Multitude of Programs and Services

Partnering with an outside fleet partner also means access to a vast resource of programs and services, many of which wouldn’t be available to your company otherwise. A good external fleet partner will have a team of experts devoted to developing the best solutions for your unique situation. Further, the team not only has the time to completely immerse themselves in your company’s fleet, but the aptitude to help you craft strategic, cost-efficient solutions. Plus, an external fleet manager can offer an established repertoire of programs and services from which to choose, including:

  • Leasing options
  • Truck and vehicle upfitting
  • Vehicle acquisition strategies
  • Remarketing
  • Toll management
  • Maintenance management
  • Telematics
  • Fuel programs
  • Risk and accident management

However, a fleet management partner does more than just provide services. Being a true partner means utilizing expertise and ability to analyze the data these services generate, compare the results to similar companies and create a fleet benchmark. A partnership is about helping you use this data to develop progress reports and continually working improve the service you receive.

If you’re not in the fleet management business, why use your company’s valuable time and resources managing a complicated process that isn’t part of your core operations? Spend your time and money on what you know and let an expert keep your fleet running at an optimum level. The right fleet management partner can transform your approach to fleet by improving cash flow, reducing costs, increasing productivity and improving efficiency.

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