New Government Fleet Team

mike albert government team

Mike Albert Fleet Solutions has hired Directors of Government Fleet Sales, Bob Crowe and Joanne Cornier, the OH-based fleet management company announced. Bob and Joanne have 56 years of government fleet experience between them, and worked with numerous federal, state and local government agencies across the US.

Bob Crowe, a graduate of the National Vehicle Leasing Association’s CVLE program, brings over 30 years of automotive industry experience to Mike Albert Fleet Solutions. Prior to joining the company, he spent 24 combined years working with government leasing at Acme Auto Leasing and The Bancorp Bank. Throughout his career, Crowe has worked to supply and support numerous lease vehicles for government agencies like the United States Post Service, including a 3,000 vehicle fleet for a single federal agency.

Joanne Cornier, former Vice President of Government Leasing at Acme Auto Leasing, is excited to share her 32 years of government fleet experience with Mike Albert Fleet Solutions. Prior to her time at Acme, Cornier made her way to Assistant Vice President at The Bancorp Bank, where she mentored a team of government sales reps and maintained a status as a top 5 producer for the company for 15 years. In her work, Joanne has served all sizes of government agencies and built a portfolio of over $72 million in assets at The Bancorp Bank alone. **

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