Fleet Redefined: the Partnership Approach

Internally managing a fleet of vehicles can become a considerable challenge as your business grows and expands. In addition to handling maintenance, gasoline expenses and operating costs, analyzing fleet data as it pertains to the bottom line of the business is challenging and complex and frequently falls to a team member within your organization who does not have the time or analytical prowess to make optimization recommendations for better fleet management. That’s why a partnership approach is imperative when partnering with a fleet management company: “By capturing and monitoring fleet data, incorporating the data into predictive analytics and looking at the big picture through a consultative lens, Mike Albert helped Speer gain control of our fleet and achieve overall fleet and business goals,” said Phil McEvoy, COO of Speer Mechanical.

By partnering with Mike Albert, Speer was able to realize a 3:1 return on their investment on vehicle maintenance alone in the first 12 months. Additionally, the systems that were implemented allowed the client to reduce their fuel expenses by 33% despite significant increases in national gasoline prices. Results like these are not the exception for companies who partner with the right fleet management provider.

So ask yourself: Does my fleet management partner truly understand my company’s business challenges and customize a solution by making our goals our priority? Does my provider remain focused on my company’s operational concerns and continually monitor my fleet’s performance and costs, making recommendations based on their ongoing assessments?

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