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Notice we asked you to think about what kind of help you can get for your business – not just for your fleet. Fleet management services are number four on the list of business expenses and by their very nature impact your whole business. Drilling down into specifics can give you great ways to save money and help balance your overall financial picture. Two areas where you can really benefit from great fleet management services are in upfitting and vehicle acquisition.


Upfitting is the process of customizing vehicles to achieve maximum performance for your business needs. In terms of fleet management services, it’s a cost that you need to undertake, but one you also need to minimize. Experienced truck engineers can help you find and specify the latest, most cost effective customizations for your vehicles. You will need to evaluate information on equipment, service bodies, vehicle pooling, work vehicles and specialty equipment. In addition, you need to analyze your average payloads, annual miles and geographic routes to maximize your investment. You can even get vehicle tracking and mobile office technologies included to make your upfitting more cost effective.


When it comes to hiring employees, everyone knows how important it is to get the right individual for the job. Vehicle acquisition can be a more difficult art, but equally important to the bottom line. It’s most effective to do a complete analysis of your fleet budgets to make sure you are maximizing your spending. There are online comparison tools available, as well as some industry rebates and professional discounts. If you have the capital available and can plan ahead, you can save money by arranging to purchase direct from the factory. When your vehicles age, you then need to define the best cycling schedules so you’re not wasting money on excessive maintenance bills for older vehicles. And you may be able to find fleet management services that offer nationwide delivery through dealership they partner with. The important factor is to analyze all the components of cost for acquiring your vehicles and compare them to your business capital requirements and budgets. That way your fleet management services will return the biggest ROI for your business as a whole.

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