Fleet Management Services and the Personal Touch

Fleet management services may seem like a data driven, impersonal part of business life but, in fact, the personal touch can really help drive decisions and cost savings. With big ticket items like vehicle purchases and maintenance on the line, partnerships are crucial to driving cost savings. Here are a few areas where the personal touch can really pay off:

  • Vehicle purchases
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Leveraging the expertise of vendors and service providers

Fleet management services and vehicle purchases

Whenever fleet management services professionals need to buy or lease a vehicle, partnerships are critical. Advance arrangements to order directly from manufacturers can create substantial savings but require the work of setting up partnership relationships. The same principle applies to vehicle leasing or purchase leaseback options. Creating good working partnerships with your vendors and service professionals makes all of these transactions easier and more cost-effective.

Fleet management services – vehicle maintenance and the personal touch.

Fleet management services departments often feel that they have good relationships with their maintenance departments because those departments are in-house. Unfortunately, their vehicles often are not. By their very nature, vehicles travel widely and are prone to breakdown in the least likely places. To provide the best fleet management services, you need reliable repair partners over a wide geographic area. Only with known partners can you pre-arrange service agreements that will cut costs and drive savings into your fleet management program.

Leveraging the expertise of fleet management services providers

Most savvy managers leverage the expertise of their service providers. They not only contract for services, but they use their partners as resources for learning and professional development. At Mike Albert, our personnel strive to educate our clients as well as give them world-class service.

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