Fleet Management & Your Business Goals

Now that 2013 has come to a close, budgeting and goal-setting meetings for the year to come are underway in boardrooms across the nation. Whether planning to expand your business into a new market, target a new vertical, or grow your margins, many companies agree that the impact of their fleet expenses reaches further than they might imagine. As you are budgeting your fleet expenses, ask yourself two questions:

  1. Has your team considered the total cost of ownership of your company’s fleet?
  2. How do you maintain an accurate pulse on the true fleet expenses you are incurring?

Two ways to do this would be to evaluate fuel consumption and administrative resource requirements and to use this information to develop and implement strategies that allow you to maximize the yield you get from your investment in your fleet of vehicles. Think about your operational concerns seriously and talk to others who are qualified to lend an expert perspective on optimizing your processes and analyzing efficiency.

If this seems like a lot of additional work for you and/or your team you might take it a step further by partnering with a fleet management company that helps your company take true control of your fleet to improve your fleet’s productivity and maximize your resources in 2014.

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