5 ways to cut fleet costs with a managed maintenance plan

Even though your fleet is one of your top business expenses, there is an easy way to reduce its cost – managed maintenance plan. In fact, with Mike Albert’s Managed Maintenance Program, clients report a 15%-25% average savings per vehicle per year. Sound too good to be true? Take a look at the reasons behind the savings.

1. Less vehicle and driver downtime

Consider this scenario. Your best driver is focused on arriving to client appointments on time, providing the best service possible, and getting back on the road to the next job. The oil in his work truck was due for a change 2,500 miles ago. But to meet his work goals, he can’t afford the time to get his truck serviced this week. Scheduling service, waiting for service, and waiting for his management team to approve payment for it takes too long. In fact, the last two times he had his truck serviced, he fell way behind his goals. His downtime costs you thousands of dollars in missed productivity and is a huge inconvenience for him and your clients. But with a managed fleet maintenance plan, you can simplify scheduling, minimize wait time and remove your driver as the middle man. Your driver will thank you and so will your bottom line.

2. Better fuel economy

When a vehicle isn’t serviced per OEM recommended mileage, the wear and tear causes a chain reaction of issues later in the vehicle’s life. It also reduces fuel efficiency. For example, when the engine pushes around thick oil, it has to work harder. And low tires increase traction, requiring more energy to move the vehicle. With a managed maintenance program, OEM recommended mileage is monitored so that oil changes, tune-ups, tire rotations and replacements and other maintenance tasks are scheduled on time, helping to optimize fuel efficiency throughout your vehicle’s life.

3. Higher resale value

Imagine you’re shopping for a used car. You find 2 identical vehicles with the same mileage, but one is $1,500 more. You learn that the more expensive one comes with a full maintenance and detailed mileage report. The other vehicle has no maintenance history and you can see the tires are cupped from lack of rotation. Who knows what other problems it has that you can’t see? So you buy the higher-priced vehicle for the peace of mind that comes with it. The same situation applies when you remarket your vehicles. Documented maintenance per OEM recommendations helps you resell your vehicles for a better fair market price, and quickly, so you can reinvest in new vehicles faster.

4. No overpayment for repairs

When your vehicle is down on the job, your top priority is to get it back on the road ASAP.This usually means you’re at the mercy of the repair shop. But not when Mike Albert’s maintenance team is on your side. Let’s say the repair shop gives you a $350 quote for a fuel valve replacement. But Bill from Mike Albert steps in, speaks to the mechanic and finds the diagnostics are incorrect. The valve needs to be cleaned, not replaced, which saves 32 hours of labor and $80 in parts. The $350 repair is now just $240. Having an advocate like Bill from Mike Albert can save you thousands of dollars a year in fleet repair costs.

5. Data-driven vehicle strategy

Documenting maintenance records for each of your vehicles provides critical insight into each vehicle’s health. For example, say you have a van that requires new brake pads way before its OEM recommended brake replacement. This could indicate an issue with the van’s payload or other mechanics. Knowledge like this helps you determine which vehicles are the best for meeting your order-to-delivery requirements and which vehicles need replacing.

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